Saturday, April 10, 2010

For the support and words

And finally thanks to everyone who have supported me throughout the process and continued to support and/or pan blogs they liked or hated.
  • My family, thanks for consistently reading and telling me your honest thoughts... especially to Mom and Dad when they genuinely didn't know what a blog was. I love you guys.
  • Noah and Alex, thanks for pushing me and sorry for putting almost all my other writing on hold for a bit.
  • Tad. I still can't believe you knew about the project when you came into Twistage, but its awesome that you talked to me about it and would give me honest feedback. If your name rhymed with Not I would make a Tad or Not blog.
  • Klinman, Stephen, Nicole, Miles, Bridget, Chamberlain, Apple, Marc, Chris, Jason, Frank, Jackie, Rachel, Greg, Zaq, Philipe, Pierce, Brian and really all of you would talk to me about it and give me your opinions n' shit, and for helping me shape a few of them. You guys are the best.
  • All of my guest bloggers. Those ten days were the best.
I'm sorry if I missed any of you. I know that I will thank you in person when I see you. Thanks to everyone. I'm honored to have friends like you to surround myself with.

On to the next one.

To Hootie

Hootie, you are underrated. Stop getting dragged down with the rest of those blowfish. Fly!

For getting the word out there

These pushes helped me out so much. I'm awed by the success this silly project had, and while it wasn't the sole purpose of doing this, it certainly helped a lot.

Tanner, you're the fucking man. That buzzfeed connection was critical, and truly the only reason it ever got the press it did. I owe you about 70 drinks... yep. That sounds about right.

Speaking of buzzfeed, thanks to Kyle Smith at the NY Post. That was such an amazing profile, and I'm sure you were in dire need of something to write about that week and stumbled on buzzfeed... but no matter how you found it, thank you.

To Christopher Huber from the Sammamish Review. I'm pretty psyched about my home town paper.

And to all my friends who've told people about it and shared links and tweeted like a little bird about it, thanks to all of you as well. I'm happy that I could write something that you felt comfortable sharing, but thank you thank you thank you for sharing it.

Also thanks to Oasis for being you. I love Oasis.

My freak out phase

Near the beginning of the project I was close to a nervous breakdown. I realized that this wasn't just going to be something I add to my life without a pretty concerted effort. There were a few individuals who helped me through this period, and to them I am very very grateful:
  • Zaq, thanks for pushing me to do this in the first place, and thanks for dealing with me freaking out about a week into it, and straight-up telling me that I needed to do it or else I would always look back and wish I hadn't dropped out. Without that I wouldn't have continued.
  • Nicole, thanks for telling me that no one cared. Honestly I needed to know that I could quit if I needed to, and it helped me put everything into perspective.
  • Anna, I don't even know if you remember this, but thank you so so much for talking with me on the phone during the freak out phase, talking me down and letting me know that you liked it. I am forever indebted to you, and have definitely not forgotten. Thank you.
  • Jason, thanks for telling me that all the stupid concessions I was about to add to make it easier would be "stupid." It's true, they would have been.
  • Noah, thanks for making me just "do it for another week... you haven't even tried really, yet." It's true, after a week that freak out seemed stupid as shit.
And to everyone else who had to deal with me the first week... you are amazing.

Thank You.

Thank you to everyone for dealing with me over the past year. This project has been a huge time commitment and a huge drain on my energies and socializing abilities. To everyone who I've talked to about this, to everyone who has given me ideas, to everyone who I've looked at and been inspired to make a blog about (this includes you corner street bodega guy in Wall Street), I cannot thank you enough. All of your guidance, ideas and friendship (this definitely includes you corner street bodega guy in Wall Street) were monumental to me creating and maintaining this blog.

I can't even begin to list every single person that I'm grateful to, and forever indebted to. The list is so large it would definitely go beyond the four minimum posts. But know that I am so thankful I have all of you in my life, and that your friendship and support has lead me to finish this little bugger.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

There are a few people I need to single out individually...

It's been a fun ride everyone. And after tomorrow time for a little bit of rest. I love you all (now this one is almost purely directed at the corner street bodega guy in Wall Street).